Can I change my pickup or drop-off location?

Can I change my pickup or drop-off location?

If you want to change your pickup or drop-off location, please reach out to our support team and we will help you make this change.

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    • Can I choose my pickup and drop-off locations?

      Each operator has different pickup and drop-off policies. Information regarding available pickup and drop-off locations can be found on the booking info page of the ride you are looking at.
    • How long before my departure should I be at the pickup place?

      First, check your voucher to see if there is a specific time that the operator says you need to be at the departure location. If there is, it will be mentioned there. If nothing is mentioned, then we suggest that you arrive at the pickup place at ...
    • How do I change the email address in my booking?

      If you want to change your email address, please contact our support team and provide both the wrong email address as well as the correct one so that we can make the change for you.
    • Can I pay in cash at the station or at my pickup location?

      (Un)fortunately, you must pay for all bookings online. This is the beauty of booking with Bookaway! Pay online and save your cash for other things, like souvenirs, street food or even tours!
    • Where should I wait for my ride?

      If you are waiting for a hotel pickup, you should wait in the hotel lobby. Be sure to notify your hotel receptionist regarding your upcoming pickup so that they can direct you to the driver or help you in case you cannot find the driver.   If you are ...